The Needs of the People

State Representative Bill Patmon knows, like you do, that it is time for a CHANGE. It is time to change the politics, policies and directives that have created the issues that confront each of you in Cleveland every single day.  But, more importantly... What does change mean to YOU? 
  • What changes do YOU want to see take place in Cleveland? 
  • What can Bill Patmon do to help YOU and your family? 
Tell us your ideas, your opinions, and your issues. True representatives of people lead more effectively when the needs of the people are at the forefront of their agenda.

As the Mayor of Cleveland, Bill Patmon will make your needs, and the needs of the all the people of Cleveland, his main priority.


Tell Us What's Important to YOU!

We Need Volunteers to help with our campaign! Click HERE to contact us.
Donations may also be sent to:
Committee to Elect Patmon
867 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44108

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