As Chairman of the Cleveland City Council Finance Committee, he was responsible for overseeing a $1.4 billion budget.

School out of state travel authorizations-Increase Mileage: Along with joint sponsor Representative Roegner, Rep. Patmon helped pass House Bill 437. HB 437 increased the maximum distance that school board-owned motor vehicles may travel on out-of-state trips from 240 miles to 1,000 miles. Previously, school buses could only be used for a total of 240 miles roundtrip, a limit that was instituted more than 30 years ago. According to House Bill 437, school buses are permitted to travel out-of-state a distance of 1,000 miles roundtrip, an increase that substantially increased the number of important historical and educational sites and institutions that may be accessed by students via school buses.

During his second term, he was asked to joint sponsor The State of Ohio Transportation Budget  with Representative Ross McGregor. The state transportation budget allocates vital funding to improve Ohio’s infrastructure and economy. The transportation budget provides more than $2.5 billion annually for upgrading Ohio’s road infrastructure and issues bonds that will generate an additional $1.5 billion in funding for road projects over the next six years.

Superman License Plate: After introducing legislation to create a Superman license plates, the governor considered it important enough to include the authorization of the license plate in the state budget. A portion of funds collected by the state for this license plate is used to support the Siegel and Shuster Society in Cleveland. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster met at Glenville High School.  

Advocated for the removal of the Cleveland Voucher co-pay: Families who participated in the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program were the only families in the state that were required to make a co-payment to receive a scholarship. There was no co-pay requirement in any of the state’s three other school voucher programs. Parents had to pay 10% or 25% of the $3,450 scholarship amount themselves. This is in addition to uniforms, application fees, and other costs that are not covered by the scholarship. Most of the families using this program are low-income, so a high percentage of many families' annual income was required to utilize the scholarship. 

Released time credit: Passed House Bill 171 with joint sponsor Representative Jeff McClain. 
HB 171 permits a school district board of education to adopt a policy authorizing students to attend released time courses in religious instruction conducted off school property during regular school hours.It also permits the district policy to grant up to two units of high school credit for the released time religious instruction, subject to the district board's evaluation of the courses based on secular criteria.

Lizzie B. Byrd Act: Passed House Bill 147 with joint sponsor Representative Lynn Wachtmann. HB 147 requires a surgeon performing a mastectomy in a hospital to guide the patient through provided or referred services in a manner consistent with the standards of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). If a surgeon performing a mastectomy considers breast reconstruction appropriate, requires the surgeon to offer the patient a preoperative referral to a reconstructive or plastic surgeon in accordance with NAPBC standards. HB 147 was named after Rep. Patmon’s mother, Lizzie B. Byrd, who is a breast cancer survivor. 

Goddard’s Law: Passed Goddard’s Law with Joint Sponsor Dave Hall. Goddard’s Law prohibits a person from knowingly causing serious physical harm to a companion animal. A violation of this prohibition will result in a fifth degree felony. After the addition of the Senate amendments, Am. H.B. 60 includes provisions for a fine and a mandatory prison term when police dogs and horses are killed in the line of duty as a result of being assaulted.

In the 130th Capital Budget, $62,893,718 went to projects in Cuyahoga County. Of that total, $39,947,293 went to House District 10 projects.

In the 131st Capital Budget, $61,335,000 went to projects in Cuyahoga County. Of that total $33,675,000 going to projects in House District 10.

132nd GA Legislation for Introduction
• 1st Responders’ Appreciation Day- Designates May 24th as First Responders’ Appreciation Day in Ohio
• ATM Regulations-Stipulates how non-bank owned ATMs should be secured to floors/location and how often they should be serviced and how much cash should be in them at one time
• Safe Storage- This legislation will require those keeping firearms within their residence to ensure a gun’s security within the home through safe storage or by use of a tamper-resistant lock or other safety device. Such responsibility is required to be taken upon knowledge, or reasonable knowledge that a minor is able to gain access to the firearm.
• Universal Background Checks for all gun purchases

Named a 2012 and 2014 Ohio Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture
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